state board of education waiver student testing

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Standardized end-of-year tests for North Carolina K-12 students would decline dramatically in Republican legislation getting bipartisan state House support.

The measure seeks to address parent and teacher complaints that too much instructional time goes toward “high-stakes” testing.

Bill sponsor Rep. Jeffrey Elmore of Wilkes County told colleagues during floor debate the legislation marked real action on testing reductions the General Assembly has discussed for years.

The bill receiving overwhelming approval on Wednesday would replace end-of-grade tests for grades three through eight with shorter assessments during the school year. High school end-of-course exams and standardized final exams would be replaced with the ACT, SAT or similar nationally recognized assessment.

The legislation now heading to the Senate would be phased in if it becomes law. Some changes would start in the fall.

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