Authorities were dispatched to an accident involving a school bus Thursday afternoon at approximately 1:00 pm.  The accident involved a Robbins Elementary school bus and a grey Mazda pickup truck on Currie Baptist Church Street near N.C. 705.  There were seven students on the bus riding to a summer reading program; however, none of the students were injured.  

The driver of the Mazda was taken to the hospital with what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries. Authorities stated the truck appeared to have crossed the center lane while hitting the school bus, and ending up on the side of the road.  To get the driver out of the mazda, firefighters had to pry the truck’s door open because of the extensive damage. The school bus had minimal damage.

Responding to the accident were Robbins Fire Department, Robbins Police Department, Moore County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina Highway Patrol, and Moore County Public Safety.

                                                            photos courtesy of Frank Staples





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