School board refers questionable books to committee

At the July 10 work session meeting, Moore County Board of Education member Philip Holmes said he wanted to remove certain vulgar books.

The board said it would review each book with questionable content (Alert: the underlined link will bring up graphic language) and hear public comments before a vote to eliminate it.

Holmes said whoever allowed the books into the system failed students.

At the regular meeting held on the same day, Holmes read titles and excerpts from each book. For example, he read an excerpt from “Eleanor and Park” with oral sex orders and said the book used the “F” word 22 times. It is at Union Pines and North Moore High School.

After reading aloud excerpts, the board passed a motion to refer the books to the review committee to challenge the books’ grade and district-level appropriateness.

The board will meet in closed session to discuss a book about the gender dysphoria disorder, “George.”

On Dec. 15, 2021, the board received a complaint and request to remove the book “George” by Alex Gino, who is interviewed here.

On March 14, 2022, the board ruled the book may stay at Union Pines High School and McDeeds Elementary School.

“George” by Alex Gino may be previewed here.

Member Stacy Caldwell said she would vote no against removing any books because it was a parental choice. She said the library should flag books for parental permission.

Vice-Chair David Hensley said he was voting against removing the books because a citizen should bring the book challenge, not board members.

During the regular meeting, member Pauline Bruno said she was the matriarch of the board and wanted to comment.

“What you are doing is destroying the work of all we have done since we were elected,” Bruno said about Hensley interrupting Chair Robert Levy as he tried to conduct the meeting.

“I really don’t want to sit here and listen to a bunch of grown men bitch,” Holmes said about having to lie down and rest with a stomachache during breaks throughout the meeting.

To watch the video on this topic and other discussions during the July 10 meeting, please click here

Feature photo by Sandhills Sentinel photographer Melissa Schaub. 

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel journalist Stephanie M. Sellers; BS Mass Communications and Journalism, MFA Creative Writing.

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