Seven Lakes love story wins Belk Chris Lane's 'Big Big Plans' prize

Josh Pendland and Julie Haye’s love story won a $10,000 proposal package from Belk department store and country music singer Chris Lane. Pendland entered the contest when it began in February and planned his big, big plans for a proposal to Haye for May 8.

The couple met through the military during deployment and then again six months later and said it was fate that they were together. They live in Seven Lakes West and commute to work. Army veteran and Trinity native, Pendland works in Trinity as a car dealer, and Illinois native Haye commutes to Fort Bragg.

 love story wins Belk Chris Lane's 'Big Big Plans' prize

Josh Pendland and Julie Haye share their proposal story on May 15. Screenshot of interview video.

Pendland said he had to talk Haye into traveling with him to carry out the proposal surprise. He contrived a story about needing to finalize paperwork for a vehicle sale, and Haye said she did not want to go, but Pendland talked her into the drive. Pendland said he “accidentally” spilled coffee on the paperwork to make his story work.

After the coffee incident, they stopped at the nearby Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville where Pendland eventually proposed. Included in the proposal package was a live performance on a large projection screen by Chris Lane congratulating the engagement couple and singing “Big Big Plans.”

Josh Pendland and Julie Haye share their story on how they ended up at Omni Grove Park in Asheville and the lead-up for the surprise proposal, a $10,000 proposal package Pendland won from Belk.

“We’re ready for starting a family,” Pendland said.

“Yeah,” Haye said.

The wedding date is not set and depends on the availability of venues.

“Maybe one day find some land and build a house and just settle down,” Pendland said.

“Grow old together,” Haye said.

The couple’s big, big plans continue to develop, and they just recently shared the news with relatives. They plan to include Chris Lane’s “Big Big Plans” in their wedding.

Feature photo: Josh Pendland and Julie Haye listen to Chris Lane sing “Big Big Plans” on their proposal date on May 8 at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina after they won a $10,000 proposal package from Belk. Contributed photo.

~Article, photo, and video by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Stephanie M. Sellers.

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