The following information was released by the Southern Pines Police Department on the escaped prisoner, Vinton Nation.

On Monday, October 9, 2017, Officers from the Southern Pines Police Department, while on S. Hardin Street in Southern Pines, observed a male subject known to have outstanding warrants for his arrest. Officers were additionally aware of a past incident where this wanted individual fled on foot from a bail bondsman and was reported to have been armed with a firearm.

This subject was identified as Vinton John Huntley Nation, 28 years of age, residing on S. Hardin Street, Southern Pines, NC. Vinton Nation refused to give officers his name when asked. Vinton Nation, later in the conversation with the investigating officers, provided both a fictitious name and date of birth.

The investigating officers attempted to make a positive identification of Vinton Nation for more than nine minutes by interviewing individuals on the front lawn of Vinton Nation’s home. All individuals interviewed denied knowing Vinton Nation, and would not identify the male in the vehicle outside the home.

With Vinton Nation still seated in his vehicle, he was clearly instructed by officers not to reach for anything inside his vehicle. One hand was cuffed while Vinton Nation was still seated in his vehicle. Vinton Nation then suddenly reached for the glove compartment.

Officers stopped Vinton Nation from this action, and he was removed from the vehicle as he was still resisting by holding onto the vehicle’s steering wheel. Vinton Nation was combative, resisting arrest and failed to follow the directions from the arresting officers who instructed Vinton Nation to place his hands behind his back in excess of ten (10) times, as well as giving over twenty four (24) commands seeking voluntary compliance.

Vinton Nation continued to grab the investigating officers clothing and equipment during a struggle on the ground. The officers struggling to take Vinton Nation into custody used appropriate subject management techniques to gain control of the situation by stunning, distracting or incapacitating Vinton Nation. These approved techniques, which included the use of hands and knees were not successful, and a Taser was used to aid in taking Vinton Nation into custody.

Once in custody, officers recovered 17.5 grams of cocaine, 3.5 grams of marijuana, a digital scale, a crack pipe, drug packaging equipment and 5 dosage units of Ecstasy.

Vinton Nation had indicated to investigating officers that he was in need of medical attention, stating he had back pain and was having difficulty breathing. The arresting officers, in accordance with department policy, summoned Emergency Medical Services to transport Vinton Nation to Moore Regional Hospital.

On Monday, October 9, 2017, at 9:10 pm, Vinton Nation was released from Moore Regional Hospital with no notable injuries. Upon reaching the exterior of the hospital, while handcuffed, Vinton Nation fled on foot from officers, and at the time of this information release, Vinton Nation has not been apprehended.

Currently, Vinton Nation will be facing the following charges when he is once again taken into custody:

Possession with Intent to Manufacture/Sell/Deliver Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Manufacture/Sell/Deliver a Schedule I Controlled Substance, Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resist/Delay/Obstruct an Officer, Failure to Appear and Credit Card/Financial Identity Fraud.

The Failure to Appear warrant for Vinton John Huntley Nation was issued when he failed to appear in court following an arrest for 1. Statutory Rape of a Child Less than Six Years of Age, 2. Indecent Liberties with a Child, 3. Sexual Battery, 4. Child Abuse and 5. Resisting/Delaying/Obstructing an Officer.

Vinton Nation does have additional prior arrests for 1. Assault on a Female and 2. Communicating Threats.

Vinton John Huntley Nation is a black male, 28 years of age, black hair, brown eyes, 160 pounds and is 5’9” tall. Vinton Nation was last known to be operating a 2007 black Dodge Nitro bearing North Carolina registration EJW-6778.

If you have information about the whereabouts of Vinton John Huntley Nation, please contact the Southern Pines Police Department at 910-692-7031 or dial 911. Information can also be left anonymously on the Southern Pines Police Department’s Crime Tip Line at 910-693-4110.

The Southern Pines Police Department will also like to provide the following information:

Every person who shall conceal, hide, harbor, feed, clothe, or offer aid and comfort to Vinton Nation, in violation of NCGS § 14-259 “Harboring or Aiding Certain Persons” is subject to arrest for a Class I Felony.

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