An accident occurred on Hwy 211 and Hoffman Road in West End at 3:20 pm Thursday afternoon.

The driver reported the car’s transmission locked up as he was driving along the road. The locked transmission caused the vehicle to skid sending the car off the side of the road and into the woods where it struck several trees. The impact with the trees caused the engine compartment to catch fire. The driver’s door was damaged in the crash, and the driver had to climb out the passenger door to exit the vehicle.

Another driver, who was  behind the vehicle when it crashed, drove down the embankment to reach the vehicle that was on fire. His car, a black Camaro, ended up stuck in a ditch and had to be winched out. The Camaro was reportedly undamaged.

The driver of the Toyota SUV was uninjured; however, the vehicle had extensive damage from the crash and ensuing fire. The vehicle was on fire when emergency crews arrived and they quickly extinguished the fire.

Responding to the scene were West End Fire & Rescue and the NC State Highway Patrol. The Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

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