Ian speeds up fall cleaning

As last month’s ice storm event passed and power was restored, signs of the storm, unfortunately, remain across Southern Pines due to piles of debris across the community. The Town’s solid waste vendor, GFL Environmental, collected over 500 tons of yard debris in January, which is almost twice the monthly average of 300 tons. Despite these efforts, the Town is aware that there is a good bit of debris still remaining, so they would like to provide an update on clean-up efforts, including suggestions that residents can take to help facilitate this effort.

GFL Environmental operates two trucks to collect yard debris every two weeks from residential neighborhoods, on the same day that garbage and recycling is picked up. As of February 9, the collection route was approximately two weeks behind schedule due to the high volumes of debris from last month’s storm.

Southern Pines Assistant Public Works Director Cory Albers notes, “We are pleased to share that the Town has partnered with GFL to secure an additional truck and driver, which will add a third yard debris route to help address delays. This additional route should begin on Monday and we appreciate GFL’s help to prioritize this clean-up work. We know these debris piles detract from our beautiful community and we are as anxious as the community is to have everything cleaned up.”

In some cases, residents might notice that only some of the debris pile is being collected. Please be assured, a truck will return in approximately two weeks to pick up more. The service includes the biweekly collection of approximately 3 cubic yards of debris from each location. Return visits will be made until the entire pile is removed, but it may take multiple visits to accomplish this to allow for collections across the entire Town.

Here are some suggestions that residents can undertake to help facilitate these clean-up efforts:

The Town’s yard debris collection service includes tree limbs/branches that are 4 feet or less in length and 4 inches or less in diameter. The Town is unable to collect debris that has not been trimmed to these sizes or larger debris, such as logs, which should be taken to the Moore County Landfill at 456 Turning Leaf Way in Aberdeen. Contact the Landfill at (910) 295-4202 to confirm operating hours and other details. Please be aware, there is a fee that will be charged by Moore County based on the tonnage.

Place yard debris at the curb for collection. The Town is unable to collect debris that remains in the yard and has not been piled at the curb.

Take care to ensure the pile does not extend into roadways and travel lanes, sidewalks, gutters, catch basins, and drainage ditches.

The Town will collect up to 3 cubic yards of debris per visit. If the pile exceeds this volume, the truck will return in approximately two weeks, making as many return visits as needed until the entire pile is removed.

If you use a landscape contractor for your home, request that they haul any debris they generate, rather than adding it to the piles of storm debris. Otherwise, this could lead to additional delays in collecting the entire pile.

Piles of yard debris may only include leaves, limbs, and yard clippings. If trash, such as plastics, paper, and cardboard, are added to the pile, the Town will be unable to collect any of the pile.

For questions or concerns regarding these clean-up efforts, please contact Assistant Public Works Director Cory Albers at (910) 692-1983 or [email protected].



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