Twigg & Co. celebrates three years of supporting the arts 4

This September marks the three-year anniversary of Twigg & Co. Market opening its doors to Moore County artists and shoppers alike. In these past three years, owner and founder Molly Twigg and her dedicated crew have worked tirelessly to promote and support the art scene here in Moore County.

Twigg and Co. celebrates three years of supporting the arts

Shopping at Twigg & Co., located in Aberdeen, is an entirely unique experience. Local artisans rent out stalls where they can sell their handmade, locally sourced, and vintage products. The scope of goods available is truly staggering, including but certainly not limited to home décor, soap, clothing, accessories, candles, jewelry, and edible treats. There’s something at Twigg for every member of the family, even those with four legs and fur.

Twigg & Co. celebrates three years supporting the arts

Molly maintains that even after three years of business, her favorite part of the job is still having a chance to engage with the community. “We have a fantastic community here and a lot of talent,” said Molly. “I like giving back to this community, and we often do food drives and fundraisers to show it.”

Twigg & Co. celebrates three years of supporting arts

The latest and greatest way Twigg & Co. will be giving back to the community is with the upcoming Sip and Shop Fundraiser on Saturday, July 23. The event aims to gather art supplies and monetary donations to support Moore Art for Kids and local art teachers. At the end of the fundraiser, art teachers will be gifted bags of art supplies to be put to use for the students in their classrooms.

Twigg & Co. will spend the month of July leading up to the event collecting donations. Vendors will be donating portions of their proceeds, and donation boxes for art supplies will be available at the shop. The Sip and Shop Fundraiser itself will feature a silent auction, food trucks, and live music.

“We’re working on getting it put together, and it’s already going to be a great time,” said Molly. “It’s right here in the parking lot, so we hope we have a good turnout this year so we can really support our teachers.”

Twigg & Co. celebrates 3 years of supporting the arts

Molly hopes that Twigg & Co. gives artists of all ages and skillsets a platform that helps them to grow. Vendors are able to provide their own designs, ideas, products, and booth layouts however they see fit to best reflect themselves as artists.

In addition, Twigg & Co. does not charge a commission to vendors and handles all of the transaction details for the artists. “We do all the business work for them,” explained Molly. “This way they never have to worry about it, and one-hundred percent of their effort can be put into their art and creative endeavors.”

Twigg & Co. celebrates three years of supporting arts

Though many of the current vendors have been with Twigg & Co. all three years, there is currently a handful of booths available, and just in time for potential vendors to get their goods stocked up for the holidays. They fill up quickly, however, so Molly cautions that interested artisans get their foot in the door as soon as possible.

Twigg & Co. celebrates three years of supporting the arts 1

The Twigg family moved to Southern Pines while serving in the military just over four years ago and have no plans of relocating any time in the foreseeable future. “We’re here to stay,” said Molly, adding that all three of her children attend school locally. Their passion for the Sandhills runs deep, and the family hopes to continue supporting Moore County artisans.

For more information about Twigg & Co. Market, visit or call (910) 757-0188. Hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sunday, noon – 5 p.m.

Feature photo: Molly Twigg, owner of Twigg & Co. stands outside of her historic building on N. Sandhills Blvd in Aberdeen and is proud to support Moore County.

~Article and photos by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Abegail Murphy.

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