The police traded a day of lifting fingerprints for a day of lifting weights Saturday at the Third Annual L.E.O. Lift Off Competition & Fundraiser. 

Anytime Fitness of the Pines continues to be one of the Moore County Law Enforcement Officers Association’s biggest proponents. Highlighting this year’s National ‘Thank a Police Officer’ Day on September 21, Anytime Fitness Pinehurst held their Lift Off Benefit Fundraiser for the Moore County L.E.O. Association, in concurrence.


The events included in this year’s lift off were preceded with a free community 5K run with our local Moore County Officers. The lifting categories (for max weight) were the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. 

There were teams represented from the Moore County Sheriff’s Department, Aberdeen Police Department, Southern Pines Police Department, Anytime Fitness and individual competitors from the Pinehurst Police Department.


This year’s heaviest lift went to Officer Rashad Gatling, Aberdeen Police Department, with his single repetition deadlift of 585 pounds. Throughout the course of the day, over 10,000 pounds in total was lifted between the competing teams.

Although many of the events were close in number, the Anytime Fitness Team took the overall title of this year’s competition.

The L.E.O Association is a non-profit organization serving its members, law enforcement families, and the communities the officers have sworn to protect. The Moore County L.E.O. Association offers assistance in many different ways to help its members.


Initiatives include serving those who require financial assistance due to line of duty or catastrophic events. Local officers put their lives on the line every day to support, defend, and protect our community. For the times that this takes its toll, the Moore County L.E.O. steps in to assist. Events like this, Anytime Fitness of the Pines (Southern Pines and Pinehurst locations) owners Hannah and Tristan Ambrozewski are what help the Moore County L.E.O. Association raise funds needed to assist its members.

This competition has grown to be more than a place to get a new trophy. Anytime Fitness of the Pines harbors an environment that you can feel the support of all those surrounding you.


Anytime Fitness Owner Tristan Ambrozewski said as he handed the President & Chief of the Moore County L.E.O. Association Bob Temme a jumbo check in donation, “We can’t thank you guys enough for what you do every day and will do anything we can to continue to support you all.”


Courtesy photos/Contributed

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