At the Moore County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday May 15, 2018, the Board recognized 65 emergency services personnel for successful CPR Saves. Cardiac arrests are one of the most trying, difficult, and exhausting calls faced by Emergency Services personnel.

A successful Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) frequently requires a tremendous effort and a successful resuscitation effort is the most dramatic example of attaining the goal of saving human lives. It is the intent of Public Safety to recognize those employees who have succeeded in their efforts beyond the normal course of their duties in total successful resuscitations.

“CPR Save” awards are presented to Moore County Public Safety Staff and First Responder agencies that successfully revive a patient who experienced sudden cardiac arrest. Criteria for “CPR Save” awards in Moore County are much higher than the industry standard.

Courtesy photo from Southern Pines Fire & Rescue

Many EMS agencies give the award to their members whenever a patient survives at least long enough to be admitted to a floor room of a hospital, even if they expire just a few hours later. The “CPR Save” award standard at Moore County, which was approved by EMS System Medical Director, Dr. Ronald J. Milewski, stipulates that a cardiac arrest patient who has been revived with CPR must survive long enough to be released from the hospital and resume a normal and productive life.

STATS and Facts Comparison: How Moore County compares to State and National EMS Systems:

~AED applied prior to EMS arrival: Moore County 39%, National 28.9%
~Sustained Return of Spontaneous Circulation: Moore County 42.7 %, National Average 31.8%,
~Overall Survival to Hospital Discharge: Moore County 12.6%, National 10.8%

The agencies represented were: Moore County Public Safety – EMS Division, E-911 Division, Southern Pines Fire and Rescue, Southern Pines Police Department, Aberdeen Fire and Rescue, Pinehurst Fire Department, Pinehurst Police Department, Cypress Pointe Fire and Rescue, Carthage Fire and Rescue, and West End Fire and Rescue.

Courtesy photo from Village of Pinehurst

Those recognized are Paramedic Sara Wood, Paramedic Wesley Floyd, Telecommunicator Teresa Short, Deputy Chief Ted Horvath, Lt. Tim Smith, D/O Asa Bailey, FF John Wilson, Officer Mike Crumpler, Officer Mario Kiser, Paramedic Kory Duncan, Paramedic Todd Huneycutt, Telecommunicator Andrew McKenzie, Lt Logan Deberry, FF Elizabeth Moz, FF Mike Moretz, FF Austin Tibbeal, FF Johnny Lynch Paramedic Mitzi, Allred, Paramedic Erin Ray, FF Chris King, FF John Warren, FF Johnny Yarborough, Corporal Robbie Williams, Paramedic Josh Smith, Telecommunicator Misty Davis, FF Jay Kramer, Paramedic Daniel Schubert, EMT Justin Cole, Telecommunicator Shannon Sheffield, Deputy Chief David Collins, Deputy Chief Gary Blue, FF Paul Christopher, FF A.J. Holmes, Paramedic William Oxendine, EMT Justin Rasdall, FF Ridge Smith, FF David Alston, Paramedic Danielle Vanover, EMT Nick Stamatopoulos, Lt Timmy Nicholos, FF James Johnson, Paramedic Joey Wincklhofer, Paramedic Arthur Swartz, EMS Major Steve Manns, Telecommunicator Heather Willett, Officer Brian Gorham, Officer Ryan Bullock, Officer Ken Hall, Officer Jeff Le Fave, Paramedic Mark Gooding, FF Matt English, FF J.R. McLaughlin, and FF Michael Waschen.

Courtesy feature photo from Southern Pines Fire & Rescue.





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