Deputy Peanut is now back on full-time duty after a much-needed vacation.

Deputy Peanut is the Moore County Animal Services shelter cat who recently took a vacation when the shelter underwent a remodeling project.

Deputy Peanut hard at work (photos contributed by Moore County Sheriff’s Office)

“Deputy Peanut works hard for the citizens of Moore County, so we equipped him with a new uniform,” said Sheriff Godfrey.

Some of Deputy Peanut’s job descriptions are being a foster dad for troubled kittens, and he serves as the morale enforcer providing “support therapy” for the shelter’s human staff.  

When the shelter receives a new furry guest, they must pass a personality test to ensure they are Deputy Peanut approved.  Sheriff Godfrey assures Moore County citizens that the personality test is in a controlled environment to ensure Deputy Peanut’s safety.

“We can’t discount Deputy Peanut’s many contributions,” said Sheriff Neil Godfrey. “Deputy Peanut serves as a litmus test ensuring compatibility of adoptable animals. He is well cared for, loved by all and serves a key role for Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services.” 

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