Garden and rotary clubs partner for clean-up

Loblolly Garden Club has an ongoing ‘Labor of Love’ project with the Sandhills Woman’s Exchange each fall to clean up and replant the log cabin’s grounds.

With the large amount of spring and summer rainfall, the overgrowth was alarming at the historical 1823 cabin. So the members of the club decided to ask for help for the Labor Day Clean Up on Saturday, September 3. 

Contacting President of the Rotary Club of Pinehurst, Kay LaBare, the Rotarians came forth in numbers to partner with the tree trimming, shrubs, pine cones and replanting flower beds. 

The day provided a “much needed service project” for the Rotary Club of Pinehurst and a beautiful fall look for the Sandhills Woman’s Exchange’s reopening on September 7. Garden Club members were pleased and thankful for such willing garden hands to give “a little help from my friends.”

Feature photo: Left to right: Vicki Binney, Judie Wiggins, Barry & Cathy Beeman, Jan Kuklok, Kay LaBare, Fran Grandinetti, Vicky Byrd, Caren Broadwell, Joyce Johnson, Wanda Tubbs, Barbara McGinnis, Jerry Tubbs, Michael McGinnis, Sarah Prestipino, Roy Lloyd, Joanne Mackara, Bill Schran and Barb Summers. 

Courtesy photo/Contributed.

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