Grunts walk away with silver medal

In only their second track and field season, Father Vincent Capodanno High School Grunts walked away with a silver medal in a competitive relay. The excitement was so much that one of the athletes exclaimed, “Hey Coach, this is the first sports medal I’ve won … ever!” This excitement carried over to the rest of the team, inspiring multiple athletes to give it their all and achieve new personal records.

Rain or shine, the Grunts recently competed with other local schools in the Union Pines hosted Vikings’ relay. Their head coach, Joshe Raetz, said, “The competition was strong. Coach Carter ran a great event. The weather was perfect, including the rain. And our Grunts rose to the occasion with multiple PRs (personal records) and one team Silver Medal. I’m proud of their effort and results.” 

The female throwers relay team of junior Mary Margaret Brinkmeyer, sophomore Abigail Smith, freshman Anissa Mitchell, and sophomore Lucia DeBruhl earned a second-place finish in the thrower’s 4 x 100M. Smith said, “Medaling proves that the female throwers can do so much more than just throw.” The throwers’ relays sounded to be a fan favorite and was a competitive event for the meet.

The highlight of the meet was the awarding of the Sportsmanship awards given to honor previous athletes who left legacies of positive sportsmanship. For the Grunts, the top two sportsmen were junior Jack Brinkmeyer and senior Julia Graves who gave every ounce of themselves to their team and their events. Julia’s secret to good sportsmanship is “being true to yourself and true to your team, all for a higher glory. Live. Laugh. Love.”  They easily led the Capodanno team and assisted other competitors throughout the day.

The Grunts are well into their track and field program. This was their third meet this season, and they will have one final meet at Pinecrest on April 28.

Feature photo: Junior Mary Margaret Brinkmeyer (left), sophomore Abigail Smith, freshman Anissa Mitchell, and sophomore Lucia DeBruhl.

Courtesy photo/Contributed.

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