There’s a new coffee shop in town where friends can meet over a cup of joe.  The highly anticipated High Octane is housed in downtown Aberdeen in an iconic building that hosted Hugh Styers Pure Oil Service Station for decades on the corner of Sycamore Street and South Street. 

Owners, Kelly Andrews, Nicola Squires, and Tracy Harrison, have come together to bring Moore County something far more than just an ordinary coffee shop. This is not your art deco, new age, music blaring coffee shop that may come to mind. The name itself, High Octane, is a tribute to what the building once held.  

When you walk in the door, you step back into a different time in Aberdeen.

“You can feel the storied history of the old gas station the minute you walk in the door,” said Kelly Andrews.

The gas station was built in the 1930’s and High Octane has sought to pay homage to that time.

“The décor is vintage early Aberdeen and we have thought of everything,” said Nicola Squires.

The metal tables and chairs are reminiscent of the era. The music that plays in the background is from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s such as Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, and Artie Shaw. There are framed pictures on the walls from Aberdeen of years gone by. Vintage artwork and relics of a time gone by are scattered throughout as are the memories for so many of us.


The gas station was a meeting place for locals over the decades. People would gather for drinks and lively conversation daily, and that’s what High Octane wants to bring back. The political nature of the local discussions even brought Adelaide Stevenson as he was campaigning for President in 1952.

Today, this is a small venue that holds about 20-24 people, and there is outdoor seating as well.

“High Octane offers a wonderful view of downtown Aberdeen and its historic railroad whose tracks are just across the street,” said Tracy Harrison.

Andrews, Squires, and Harrison worked with Cactus Creek to create a signature blend that is wonderful. They feel it’s important to work with local businesses for the economy. Their barista, Hali Rossi, brings years of experience to the shop and can create liquid masterpieces from coffee beans. You can also enjoy treats from the Bakehouse and High Octane’s signature shortbread cookies as you relax and enjoy your coffee.


The three women are friends who met through their children and each has a military background while Andrews is retired from the Army, and they have created a place for the locals to congregate as a community.

All in all, these women have created a warm, relaxing atmosphere for good friends and conversation. They will be having a grand opening planned for October 14th but are now open for business. Stop in, have some coffee, a muffin, and some great conversation.





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