Meet Cinder. This gorgeous 10-week-old medium-haired female kitten sports a striking black coat with gray frosting.

Cinder is a little princess and will steal your heart. She will purr through the daily chores … chasing the broom, hiding under the sheets when you make the bed, pawing shoe strings as the household prepares for school and work. But after all the chores are done, this sweet young lady will most likely sit by your feet and ask to be lifted into your lap. Cinderella’s dream might have been to attend the ball, but for Cinder, your affection is all she wants in this world. Snuggling with you until midnight is her wish come true.

Cinder gets along well with children and other kitties, is up to date on age-appropriate shots, and, of course, is litter box trained. For adoption information, please contact Sandhills Cat Coalition at [email protected].

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