O’Neal holds Honor Code Signing Ceremony

O’Neal held its annual Honor Code Signing ceremonies for middle and upper school students on Thursday, Sept. 14.

The Honor Code Signing Ceremony allows middle and upper school students to publicly sign the honor code, acknowledging their adherence to the honor code standards, whereby they conduct themselves accordingly in the classroom, on the playground, in a sport, or on stage. In keeping with these standards, lockers have no locks, and students are trusted to do their own work. The honor code with all signatures is posted in each respective division.

Max Pashley, a junior and Upper School Honor Council member, addressed his peers at the signing ceremony. In his speech, he commented, “Thinking of this school, the first word that comes to mind is unity. Although there are three separate divisions of the school, it feels as though we are all one through the many group events we do. Whether it’s red vs. blue tic-tac-toe, pep rallies, or game student sections, a sense of togetherness can always be felt in the room. This is a unique feeling to O’Neal, that makes this school and system of honor so special.”

The Upper School Honor Council is student-administered and guided by an advisor. It seeks to uphold the school’s mission statement and philosophies by promoting these characteristics while also dealing with those activities that are contrary to the school’s honor code. Students are elected by their peers every year to serve on the Honor Council.

Among a pool of six candidates, three students were elected to the 2023-2024 Honor Council. They are Lauren Hobbs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hobbs of Pinehurst; Charlie Kuzma, son of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kuzma of Foxfire; and Michaela Stone, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Stone of Carthage. These three candidates were among the first to sign the honor code at the signing ceremony.

2023-2024 Honor Council members are Luke Harper, Lauren Hobbs, Audrey Kim, Charlie Kuzma, Max Pashley, Tylar Pastre, and Michaela Stone. The Honor Council Advisor is David Williamson.

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