The 11th Annual Pinecrest Band Fest was held Saturday.  Of the many bands that performed, Moore County had two of its own in the competition, North Moore and Union Pines. Pinecrest, as host, did not compete but played an exhibition. 

Union Pines’ day had begun with the funeral of one of their own, Samantha Davis.


Union Pines Marching Vikings

As Union Pines took the field for competition, members of the other bands stood and saluted the Marching Vikings.  Finally, at the end of the competitions, two sets of balloons were released in honor of two band members who had lost their lives.

Balloons were released in honor of Union Pines Marching Vikings Band member, Samantha Davis, and the other set was released in honor of Midway Marching Band member, Jackson Barefoot who lost his life at the start of the school year in a biking accident.


North Moore Marching Mustangs

Union Pines Marching Vikings were awarded:

2nd Place Band in 4A competition

Music: 2nd Place

Marching: 1st Place

General Effect: 2nd Place

Percussion: 1st Place

Visual Effect: 2nd Place

Drum Major: 1st Place

Band Rating: Superior


Balloon release to honor Samantha Davis & Jackson Barefoot

North Moore Marching Mustangs were awarded:

Marching: 1st Place

Music: 1st Place

General Effect: 1st Place

Visual Ensemble: 1st Place

Drum Major: 2nd Place

Band Rating: Superior

Class 2A Champion



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