Possible new development discussed for Doug's Auto location in S.P.

A possible new development was discussed for Doug’s Auto Center’s location in Southern Pines. 

Andy Bleggi, of PTAH, LLC, presented to the Southern Pines Historic District Commission Thursday to discuss a potential redevelopment project at 310 NW Broad Street. It is located on the edge of the Southern Pines Historic District but not in the federal historic district.

This was a preliminary proposal to get feedback on the possible project. Doug’s Auto has two years remaining on its lease, so the project is in the preliminary stages.

Despite appearances, Doug’s is not a gas station, so there is no concern about buried tanks or ground contamination, according to officials at the meeting. 

The concept is for a three-level facility with the basement reserved for up to 24 cars. The second level, the street level, will include a restaurant, cafe, and several high-end condos. The top level will be set aside for a patio.

The hope is that the facility will be a hub for the local community. The plaza hopes to have a butcher shop to serve the restaurant and customers who want to buy their favorite cut of meat and take it home.

Part of this project will be contingent on securing adequate parking. According to Southern Pines Planning Director BJ Grieve, the UDO has flexibility built into it to provide parking. And Doug’s location offers plenty of parking in the surrounding area.

The Planning Board was receptive to the ideas presented and asked them to plan on making an additional presentation as their plans become solidified.

The existing building for Doug’s Auto is around 48 years old, and it is possible that some of the buildings could be saved and utilized in the new project, but it is too early to tell.

Once they finalize their plans and line up tenants, they will make a follow-up presentation with plans closer to the final version.

We can expect more news on this possible development in January.

Sandhills_Sentinel~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Chris Prentice.

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