Round two of snow came barreling in Moore County Wednesday morning leaving several inches of snow.  Several readers reported to Sandhills Sentinel that North of Carthage received over six inches of snow, Southern Pines measured in at five inches, Pinehurst was at almost three and a half inches, and Aberdeen saw just about two inches of snow.

Round one snow storm surprised Moore County on January 3rd.  Forecasters were predicting just a dusting of snow, and the county ended up getting six inches.  It left motorists and school children on buses stranded for hours.  

Yesterday’s storm was originally predicted to come earlier, but Mother Nature didn’t forget Moore County as the storm stomped in around 8:30 in the morning.

The National Weather Service forecasted two inches of snow in the northern end and less than an inch in the southern end of Moore on Monday.  The predicted snowfall amount increased on Tuesday to two inches for the whole county.  Then on Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service changed the county’s accumulation to 4-6 inches.

There are many closings due to the storm.  Moore County Schools Closed for Wednesday and Thursday.  Moore County Courts also closed for both days. Multiple municipal offices closed Wednesday and Thursday including Carthage, Robbins, Pinehurst, and Southern Pines.

There were dozens of minor single vehicle accidents Wednesday afternoon.  A truck flipped over in the median on U.S. outside of Southern Pines due to the slippery roads.

The town of Southern Pines closed several roads due to ice and snow Wednesday afternoon including Highway 22 between Mill Creek and Aiken Road, East Indiana Avenue between Fort Bragg Road and Bridgewater Road,  South Bennett Street between West Illinois Avenue and West Wisconsin Avenue, East Connecticut Avenue between North Valley Avenue and North Bethesda Road, and West Pennsylvania Avenue between Glover Street and Mechanic Street.

Temperatures were in the teens and wind chills in the single digits Wednesday night and Thursday morning, according to the National Weather Service in Raleigh.  Moore County officials have been advising the public to stay off the roads. Due to the wet snow, there is black ice on the roads this morning making driving treacherous.

A couple of the photos below are from Sandhills Sentinel readers, Julia Latham and Carol Lucas.





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