The American Red Cross has awarded Sandhills Community College funding to provide emergency workforce preparedness in the areas of both public safety and construction training.

This funding was granted to deliver the necessary skills to train workers for recovery and rebuilding following a disaster event.

An award of just over $12k will train public safety personnel on telehandler equipment while approximately $143k in funding will adequately train a construction workforce with carpentry, plumbing plus heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) skills that are necessary to reach a level of normalcy following such a disaster.

As a result of this funding, SCC Public Safety Director Michelle Bauer said, “Our personnel are always preparing for any possible emergency that may arise. This includes unique and challenging situations related to disaster response and recovery. One example is the certified training to operate heavy equipment similar to a forklift, a telehandler. Use of such equipment has been out of our financial reach. With the assistance of American Red Cross funding, we are able to provide telehandler training and exposure so that we are prepared and already to respond and assist families in disaster-impacted areas.”

In the area of construction, American Red Cross funds have provided a considerable enhancement to plans already underway to provide a pipeline of trained construction workers. 

Career Training Director Lori Degre added, “In order to meet growing shortfalls in the regional construction workforce, SCC is offering instruction in four trades programs: construction, construction management, HVAC, and plumbing. For a resilient economy, it is important to be able to rebuild following a catastrophic episode. This training ensures that we have skilled workers to recover following a disaster-related event.”

Following Hurricane Florence, Governor Roy Cooper described the weather event as historic and life-threatening for affected counties which included Moore and Hoke. Florence caused massive flooding affecting both residents and businesses in North Carolina. 

“We are excited that we have been made trusted stewards to provide excellent training associated with disaster events for the communities of Moore and Hoke counties,” said Andi Korte, vice president of Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

For additional information about these awards, contact Lori Williams at (910)695-3769 or [email protected]. You may also visit our website at

Photo of Sandhills Community College by Sandhills Sentinel photographer John Patota.



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