Board bans books

On Wednesday, the Moore County Board of Education voted unanimously to remove member David Hensley from his role as vice-chair, revoke his committee assignments, and issue a formal censure due to his behavior and actions in the boardroom.

According to the special meeting’s agenda, the purpose was to “correct and improve board civility, which may include but not be limited to: removal of Board officer, changes or removal from committee assignments, and/or censure.”

The board initially held a closed meeting with its legal counsel.

Due to a previously made appointment, Hensley could not attend the special meeting called by member Philip Holmes.

Holmes made motions to remove Hensley from his vice-chair position due to his “vile conduct,” remove him from his committees, and censure him “based on the inappropriate behavior and lack of civility inconsistent with board policies requiring civil behavior and respectful dialogue with fellow board members.”

Holmes also said, “David is a very intelligent man and has great ideas, but how can we expand those ideas when the vice-chair continues unwanted banter and unilateral thinking while at the same time crucifying members of this board and the public? This does not reflect leadership.”

Member Kenneth Benway said Hensley created distractions during meetings and showed no remorse for his comments directed at elected officials. Benway also said that Hensley called Chair Robert Levy, who is Jewish, a Nazi during a June WEEB radio broadcast.

Levy said Policy 1419 read that the board must conduct affairs of the board in an open manner and model civility.

Levy said the number one priority was students, and the board needed to conduct itself without creating recriminations.

Member Pauline Bruno said, “I want the public to know this has been the hardest thing ever for this board to do. We all take this to heart. This was very, very difficult. But I also want you to know the support we had is overwhelming.”

Member Stacey Caldwell added, “I think we all here have one goal in mind, and that’s just to serve Moore County Schools, and I think we can get back to doing that.”

During the meeting, the board did not elect a new vice-chair.

Sandhills Sentinel attempted to contact Hensley for a statement, but as of yet, has not received a response.

To watch the meeting, please click here. 

File photo: Moore County Board of Education with David Hensley standing fourth from left. Photo via school district. 

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel journalist Stephanie M. Sellers; BS Mass Communications and Journalism MFA Creative Writing.

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