Sleighs of cycles in Moore County

Since COVID-19, many families have been impacted financially. Christmas for Moore, a non-profit organization located in Pinehurst, steps in to help. Christmas for Moore is a group of local volunteers committed to providing Christmas for our neighbors by matching sponsors with individuals and families who are in need of a hand up during the season.

This year, the Special Forces Brotherhood MC (SFBMC) Pineland took it upon themselves to provide over 60 presents, for over 15 individuals here in the Moore County area. It was a spectacle to see these 60+ wrapped gifts ridding on the backs of the motorcycles in a synchronized delivery this past Saturday to their temporary home of Anytime Fitness Pinehurst.

Sleighs of cycles in Moore

The SFBMC Pineland often searches for ways to get involved in our local community to assist Special Forces brothers and their families in need of help or any that have suffered losses. Anytime Fitness Member Gabriel Rodela saw the angel tree inside his gym with over 150 gift requests and collectively decided to put his motorcycle club to work on chipping in to help brighten some Moore County residents’ year.

The Christmas for Moore board members were present for the delivery and were so touched by the thoughtfulness of our community members. For more information how to sponsor an individual or family during the Christmas season, email


Courtesy photos/Contributed.

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