Southern Pines considers rail expansion

On Feb. 14, the Southern Pines Town Council passed a resolution to condemn past acts of hatred in Moore County and make it clear that future displays of discrimination would not be tolerated.

The board tackled the ongoing hot-topic regarding recent acts of hatred, discrimination, and indignity demonstrated in the greater Moore County area. The resolution touched on how to begin creating a safer, more accepting public space where Moore County citizens from all walks of life can be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

“Our nation was built on the principles of human equality and equity, whereas we are committed to ensuring that Southern Pines is a safe, inclusive, and diverse community, free of fear and bias, where every individual is valued and respected,” Southern Pines Mayor Carol Haney read from the resolution. “Our diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds make us a richer, more creative community and enhances our quality of life, and we are saddened by the recent displays of hatred, discrimination, and indignity that have been shown to some citizens in Southern Pines and the greater Moore County area.”

The resolution was proposed in the weeks following acts of antisemitism in Moore County. The Moore County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating an antisemitic sign that had anonymously been hung from the Highway 690 overpass in Vass hours before the first night of Hanukkah. Shortly thereafter, a second antisemitic sign was displayed in Cameron on the Pineywood Church Road overpass. These incidents sparked a public outcry for justice on social media, and the Southern Pines council heard these cries.

As such, the board openly condemned “recent acts of hatred,” calling for further action to promote togetherness and deter future displays of discrimination.

The proposed resolution consisted of four components, each of which condemned any and all forms of discrimination that may result in inequality of opportunity, abuse, or injustice, which includes: age, race, color, gender, identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or ethnic origin, disability, ideology, social and economic class.

Similarly, the Moore County Board of Commissioners recently went on record on Feb. 21 to publicly condemn antisemitism and hatred. 

“The town of Southern Pines affirms that hatred and violence have no place in our behaviors, actions, policies, and practices,” read Mayor Haney on Feb. 14. “The town of Southern Pines confirms that all individuals should be treated with respect, and we recognize and value the contributions of all.”

The Southern Pines Council unanimously voted in favor of passing the resolution, with no further comments or arguments made.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Abegail Murphy.

Photo by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer Cow McFarland.

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