The Southern Pines Police Department has implemented new technology to bring information, quite literally, to your fingertips. The new online portal to the Police Department’s database offers a host of features, and most importantly, information. 

Police-to-Citizen (P2C) will allow citizens access to the latest arrest reports, crash reports, and incident reports from any device with a web browser.  This includes your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

It works well across a variety of devices and operating systems. No more having to call the department or drive down to pick up an accident report. You can look it all up online.

Southern Pines Police Chief Temme offered a live demonstration Wednesday morning. The software and database are very robust and yet very easy to use. The data in the system goes all the way back to 2007.

Chief Temme hopes this transparency will help citizens to see what occurs in their town.  Real estate agents will appreciate this software, and they have information readily available about crime for potential buyers. 

There will be additional upgrades to the system as it grows, making even more things available online.

Southern Pines Police Department is the first department to offer this type of software to the public and to offer crash reports at no charge. It is as easy as pulling it up and clicking print in the privacy of your home.

There are some reports that will still remain confidential, such as sexual assaults and other things deemed confidential or sensitive.

Chief Temme said that the public’s response has been positive thus far as it was shown to the Rotary Club and other organizations prior to Wednesday’s roll-out.

“An important aspect of building community trust and keeping police accountable is transparency,” said Chief Temme. “Creating clear procedures and practices by which police officers provide information to, and are transparent about their daily activity with the community creates the basis for mutual respect and an overall decrease in crime, as well as a meaningful partnership with our community working towards a common goal.”

The Southern Pines Police Department will be expanding the P2C program in the near future to include online incident reporting, bicycle registration, most wanted information and a host of other features that will further benefit our community.

To view P2C, please click on link below.  Not only can you see recent arrests, with mugshots in many cases, you can click on the map function and see a map overview of accidents and arrests.

Feature photo: Southern Pines Police Chief Bob Temme demonstrating how to use P2C.


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