Southern Pines purchases blankets for electric vehicle fires

Southern Pines Fire and Rescue announced Tuesday on its Facebook page that it has purchased two fire blankets for electric vehicles.

“SPFD recently purchased two car fire blankets that may be utilized in the event of an EV fire,” said the fire department.As with any of our equipment, we hope to never use them, but as always, we will be prepared.”

The department said North Carolina currently has over 16,000 electric vehicles on its roads.

“While electric vehicles provide their owners with benefits such as fuel reduction, emissions reduction, a smoother ride, or just a different driving experience, if one catches fire, it can be very challenging for the fire department,” said Southern Pines Fire and Rescue. “While EVs meet all of the federal safety standards required of all vehicles, they can be difficult to extinguish if one has a fire. These fires are difficult because the lithium batteries will continue to burn even without oxygen.”

The department said it “consistently evaluates challenges that we may face, including EV fires.”

Photo credit: Southern Pines Fire and Rescue.

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