Regular Business Meeting of the Southern Pines Town Council Agenda

December 12, 2017, 7:00 PM, Douglass Community Center 1185 W. Pennsylvania Avenue

Call To Order

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Manager’s Comments

2. Consent Agenda I
All items listed below are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion and without discussion.
A. Adopt Annual Retreat Meeting Minutes of April 4, 2017, Worksession Meeting Minutes of October 23, 2017, Agenda Meeting Minutes of November 8, 2017 and Regular Business Meeting Minutes of November 14, 2017.
B. Budget Amendment transferring $87,000 from General Fund Balance to Pool Park Capital Project Fund

3. Continued Public Hearings
A. OA-01-17: Ordinance Amendment to UDO §5.4 to Amend the Supplemental Standards for Fuel Stations; Petitioner, Harris Teeter Properties, LLC, Continued hearing from November 14, 2017 On behalf of Harris Teeter Properties, LLC, Mr. Scott Wippel is requesting to amend the language set
forth in UDO Section 5.4 Automobile Service Stations/Gas Sales Operations to revise the supplemental standards related to gas stations and automobile service stations.

4. Council Business
A. Acceptance of the Certification of Election
B. Recognition of Outgoing Member Councilwoman Teresa Hanf
C. Swearing in of Re-elected and Newly Elected Council members Carol Haney and Mitch Lancaster
D. Council elections:
a. Pro-Tem
b. Treasurer
c. Partners in Progress Representative

5. Consent Agenda II
All items listed below are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion and without discussion.
A. AX-05-17 The Carolina Golf Course
– Resolution Directing the Clerk
– Resolution Calling A Public Hearing
B. Board Appointments
– Library Advisory Board
Susan Harmody Second Term 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2020
Mary Scott Harrison Second Term 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2020
C. Budget Amendments
General Fund Miscellaneous Revenue 10-335-0000 $ 1,306.00
Police – Patrol Auto Repair 10-511-1700 $ 1,306.00
General Fund Miscellaneous Revenue 10-335-0000 $ 11,063.00
Fire Auto Repair 10-530-1700 $ 11,063.00
D. Resolution In Support of Locating A Magistrate in Southern Pines for the Health, Safety and Welfare of Citizens of Southern Moore County
E. Acceptance of A Collaborative Charter – Triangle J. Workgroup

6. Public Hearings
A. Z-05-17: Request to Rezone 10.70 acres located at the 940 E. Connecticut Avenue from RS-3 to RE; Petitioner, Robert S. Thompson, P.A.
B. AX-04-17: Public Hearing for a Request for Voluntary Annexation of Property Contiguous to the Corporate Limits of the Town of Southern Pines; 0.24 Acres; Petitioners, Bradford Village, LLC and DDL Properties, LLC
C. CU-04-17: Conditional Use Permit for the Expansion of a Non-Conformity; 10820 & 10840 US Highway 15-501 & 105 Commerce Avenue; Petitioner, John Zhang
D. CU-05-17: Conditional Use Permit for a Major Subdivision on 22.21 Acres; South Side of Fort Bragg Road; Petitioner, Wes Caddell
E. CU-06-17: Conditional Use Permit for Major Amendment to CU-05-14; May Street Cottages Phasing Plan Amendment; Corner of N. May Street and Duncan Road; Petitioner, Jim Leach

7. Public Comment

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