Student-Athlete Spotlight: Ainsley Ado

Ainsley Ado was nominated for December’s Student-Athlete Spotlight for her dedication on the court and in the classroom.

Ainsley is a two-sport athlete at New Century Middle School. She is in the eighth grade and has big plans for her future.

“Ainsley epitomizes the essence of a true student-athlete, showcasing outstanding skills on the volleyball court while excelling academically, said New Century Middle School Principal Coe. “Her exceptional athleticism, determination, and leadership qualities have been instrumental in our team’s success this season. Ainsley consistently demonstrates remarkable sportsmanship, motivating teammates and inspiring others with their dedication to the sport. Beyond their athletic achievements, Ainsley’s academic performance is equally remarkable. Her diligence in the classroom is commendable, maintaining an impressive balance between rigorous coursework and athletic commitments.”

Ainsley plays volleyball and basketball. She played basketball most of her life. She is in her third volleyball season and has fallen in love with the game.

“I haven’t been playing it as long, and I feel like since I’ve started a new sport, I really have grown to like it more,” said Ainsley. “I really enjoy all the friendships I’ve made through it because I’ve made a lot of bonds with new people that I never knew before.”

As her final year of middle school volleyball comes to an end, Ainsley reflected on her greatest sports memory.

“It was last year when we went undefeated in volleyball, and we were all really happy, and we were like screaming in our huddle, and it was an awesome feeling,” said Ainsley.

She also plays for ACS Volleyball, a recreational travel team.

Ainsley also reflected on who helped support her in middle school. The boy’s basketball coach and school custodian, Chris Taylor, has supported and encouraged her.

“He’s made my year way better because he encourages me in all my sports. He always asks me after every single game how I did and if we won. He always just makes me feel better about my sports and my academics,” said Ainsley.

When not officially playing basketball or volleyball, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing volleyball with her friends.

Ainsley’s nomination is due not only to her athletic skills but also to her excellent grades. She continues to get straight As through middle school. She is currently on the distinguished list.

Ainsley wants to be a CRNA-Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. She first wants to complete the nursing program at Sandhills Community College before going to Duke to complete her schooling.

Ainsley is excited to try out for the competitive Viking volleyball team next season.

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Sandhills_Sentinel~Article and photo by Sandhills Sentinel reporter Curtis Self.

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