Tin Whistle Scholarship Foundation to award additional scholarship

The Tin Whistle Scholarship Foundation announced it will award a fifth 4-year scholarship of $5,500 per year to an exceptional Moore County High School senior in 2021.

The mission of The Tin Whistle Scholarship Foundation is to provide college scholarships to students who have graduated from high schools in Moore County and demonstrated high academic achievement, leadership capability, service to the community and financial need.

In 1979, the foundation began awarding two 4-year scholarships of $1,200 per year.  By 2020, the foundation was awarded four 4-year scholarships of $5,500 each, supporting 16 scholars with an annual financial commitment of $88,000.

The scholarship program is funded almost exclusively by members of The Tin Whistles, their family, and friends, although anyone may contribute. The Tin Whistle Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with offices at 5 Dawn Road, Pinehurst.

The fifth scholarship has been a top priority of the foundation’s long-range plan.  The ability to establish this scholarship now is a function of strong leadership, responsible management of the foundation’s endowment, and the generosity of the Tin Whistles’ membership.

The 2021 scholarship selection process is underway, and the five new Tin Whistle scholars will be named in early May.

Additional scholarship information can be found at https://thetinwhistles.org/twsf#about

Feature photo: 2020 winners: L,R; Emily Davis, Jaclyn Kenzel, Jade Neptune and Adrianna Staal.


Courtesy photo/Contributed.

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