Board approves budget rezoning

The Town of Carthage is urging its residents to limit their water consumption. In a Wednesday news advisory, the town said it’s experiencing drought conditions and a water shortage. 

“While we are not at an alarmingly low rate yet, we are concerned about our reserve water supply should the situation worsen,” said Allen Smith, director of public services.

In an effort to ease demand on its water system, the town is asking residents to reduce their water usage by 5% until further notice. They are following the recommendation of stage 1 of N.C. Division of Water Resources guidelines on water conservation.

Residents are encouraged to voluntarily reduce their consumption, and the town said there will be no penalties for noncompliance. Citizens can help by only watering their lawns an inch or less per week, washing full loads of clothes and dishes, using spring-loaded nozzles on garden hoses, and repairing any water leaks.

Two weeks ago, The North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council said moderate drought conditions have returned to North Carolina for the first time in more than a year. Drought categories are based on streamflow, groundwater levels, the amount of water stored in reservoirs, soil moisture, the time of year and other relevant factors for assessing the extent and severity of dry conditions.

“While 2020 ended by becoming our state’s second-wettest year on record, and 2021 started with wet weather through the winter, we’ve seen that precipitation pattern reverse this spring, from having too much rain to suddenly not enough across much of North Carolina,” said Corey Davis of N.C. State Climate Office.  

“We are hopeful that with the help of our citizens we can ensure the supply stays sufficient through this dry spell,” said Smith.

For questions, please call the town at 910-947-2331.

Feature photo of Town of Carthage sign captured by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer Melissa Schaub.

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