Town temporarily changing disinfectant to improve water safety

The Town of Southern Pines Water Treatment Plant will temporarily change the method of disinfection in its public water supply from March 1 through April 1.

The water plant normally uses chloramine, a controlled mixture of ammonia and chlorine, to disinfect the water. Throughout March, the town will use chlorine only, also known as “free chlorine.” The periodic and temporary conversion from chloramines to free chlorine, which is a normal procedure for water systems, ensures water safety in the distribution system and the highest quality of drinking water.

Free chlorine is a stronger disinfectant than chloramine. As a result, users may experience a slight change in the aesthetics of their water during conversion, including a noticeable odor and slight discoloration. Most of these characteristics should lessen after the first few days and does not affect water quality or safety.

The water plant staff will monitor chlorine levels and water quality standards in the distribution system on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the water and that all regulatory standards are met.

“We apologize for any inconvenience, but this process helps ensure high-quality water in our distribution system components,” said the Town of Southern Pines.

For more information, please call David McKew, Water Treatment Plant ORC, at (910) 281-4719. You may also visit for more information

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