Triple P parenting know-how

Partners for Children and Families (PfCF) offers support and empowerment to Moore County families during these uncertain times by offering the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) free of charge to families with children through age five. The organization’s current chief concern is to empower families through the pandemic and to bounce back with greater knowledge and strength.

Based on evidence from ongoing scientific research, Triple P is one of the world’s most effective parenting programs. Triple P helps parents manage misbehavior and prevent problems from developing by giving parents the skills they need to raise confident, healthy children and to build stronger family relationships.

“It doesn’t tell parents how to parent. Triple P is not a one-size-fits-all program,” Triple P accredited practitioner at PfCF Diane Atherton said.

Triple P is available to help families by offering simple and practical strategies that parents and caregivers can adapt to suit their own values, beliefs and needs through varying levels of support and methods. For appointments, Diane can be reached at (910)949-4045.

Partnering organizations include the North Carolina Division of Early Care and Education. PfCF trains childcare staff; assesses childcare environments and encourages the increased quality of childcare operations in Moore County. It is not a regulatory agency but works alongside childcare to assist, train and encourage. PfCF is not a child care facility.

Partners for Children & Families was officially formed in 1998 and is part of a network of 77 nonprofit organizations supported by The North Carolina Partnership for Children. Each year, PfCF receives allocations from the North Carolina state legislature to address the needs of young children up to age five.

The PfCF Board of Directors, in conjunction with the state Smart Start office, uses these funds to award annual grants for programs aligned with Smart Start’s vision to ensure that every child has all they need for healthy growth and development.

Since 1998, Partners for Children & Families has:

* Disbursed over $20 million in Smart Start funds

* Expended nearly $2 million in federal funds

* Received over $3 million in local contributions

* Partnered with over 60 area organizations

* Made possible over 50 different programs for young children and their families in Moore County.

In addition to Smart Start funded projects, PfCF also administers a variety of federal grants and projects supported by local donors. Among past and current funding partners are:

United Way of Moore County

Moore Women – A Giving Circle Gift Fund

Moore County Community Foundation

Rotary Club of the Sandhills

North Carolina Partnership for Children

USDA Food and Nutrition Service

NC State Farm to Early Care and Education Initiative

The Arts Council of Moore County

Local businesses and individuals

PfCF requires each of these partnering organizations to fulfill its mission to support and empower families, prepare children for success in school and to encourage life-long learning, thereby contributing to the economic vitality of Moore County.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel Journalism Intern Stephanie M. Sellers.

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