A car trying to flee from police crashed into the center of the traffic circle at approximately 1:30 am Sunday. The white Dodge Charger came into the circle from the 211 entrance and crashed through some trees before finally coming to a stop.

The occupants of the vehicle immediately fled the scene, reportedly 2-3 males and a female. Officers from several agencies converged on the scene and began searching for the suspects.


Suspect(s) vehicle being loaded onto tow truck

Officers from Pinehurst Police Department searched the vehicle and collected evidence including a bag possibly containing drugs. 

Approximately one hour after the wreck, there were reports of a possible sighting of the suspects just off Midland Road, but police were unable to locate them, and there was no way to confirm if it was the suspects.  Authorities would not release information as to why they were in pursuit of the vehicle.


Back bumper ripped off during crash

The Pinehurst Police Department and The Moore County Sheriff’s Department responded the scene.


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