North Carolina Superintendent Mark Johnson announces the redesigned, user-friendly NC School Report Cards’ website.

The 2016-2017 data for all public schools in the state is now available on the website.

The NC School Report Cards website “contains snapshots of information about our schools, including the school performance grade, student academic growth, how prepared our students are when they enter a school, and a number of other measures.”

“As a former teacher, I can tell you this information, while important, cannot tell you the entire story of a school,” said Johnson. “These facts and figures cannot voice the extra hours put in by your teachers preparing for class and grading assignments, the school spirit felt by families, the involvement in sports, arts, or other extracurriculars that build character, and other crucial aspects of a school community.”

The release of the 2016-17 School Report Cards includes two new features. The first is information related to Career and Technical Education – what courses are offered and the number of industry-recognized credentials earned by students.

The second new feature is a student readiness indicator, which shows the percentage of students entering a school’s lowest grade who were proficient in both reading and math at the end of the previous year. The student readiness indicator, along with information about the percentage of students who are economically disadvantaged, provide context to the test scores and other information provided.

To view your child’s school 2016-2017 report card, please click here.



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