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The Aberdeen Town Board approved the budget with all the planning items in it, and listed below are some of the planning items:

1. South Street improvements per the Pedestrian Plan. This includes marked crosswalks and sidewalks with possible curb extensions with landscaping (pending DOT approval).

2. Partial cost of paving the parking lot where Railhouse and Set in Stone are located.

3. Additional signage directing people to downtown.

4. RR crossing improvements at Main and South Streets, so you won’t have to walk in the lane of travel to cross as a pedestrian or bicyclist.

5. Improved intersections at Main/Poplar and Main/Sycamore.

6. Marked crosswalks on Poplar Street near Town Hall.

7. Drainage/paving/landscaping improvements to Talbooth Street (behind the Bakehouse).

8. Signalized pedestrian crossing of US 1 near the Lake Park.

9. Sidewalk on Johnson Street leading to Southern Middle School from Panera Bread.

*Downtown Aberdeen

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