After fire, fire department shows how closed doors can save lives

Crains Creek Fire Department posted a public service announcement on its Facebook page after they responded to a fire in Cameron on Monday morning.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, flames and smoke were showing from the home.

Crains Creek Fire Department said they vented the side gable for the smoke and heat to escape the home to help them put the fire out.

“The family dog was found alive in the bedroom on the bed with the door closed,” said Crains Creek Fire Department about the importance of closed doors in fires. 

The department commended the work by all firefighters on the scene which included units with Cypress Pointe, Spout Springs, Fort Bragg, Benhaven, and the Harnett County Fire Marshal. 

Feature photo: The image on the left shows the damage the fire caused in the home. The photo on the right shows the bedroom still intact where the dog was found because of the closed door. Photos by Crains Creek Fire Department.

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