County suspends backflow prevention testing for residential irrigation systems

Moore County Public Utilities has suspended current backflow prevention testing requirements for its residential customers, according to Moore County in a press release.

The Moore County Board of Commissioners has authorized an amendment to the Cross Connection Control Ordinance and an additional position allowing the county’s Public Utilities staff to complete the testing for residential customers who opt-in. More details on how customers can opt-in are forthcoming. Residential customers who choose not to opt in will still be required to have their devices tested.

The updated ordinance will allow for the following devices, which are allowed by the North Carolina Plumbing Code and can be tested: pressure vacuum breaker and reduced pressure backflow preventer. Public Utilities will establish an internal backflow testing program whereby staff coordinates the scheduling and testing of all residential backflow devices at a minimum of once every three years with a goal of once every year. 

It is anticipated that the ordinance update will be complete by January 2024. The county has suspended the current residential testing requirements in the meantime.


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