Fort Bragg troops deploying to Europe

The northbound section of the All American Freeway at the Fayetteville Outer Loop will temporarily close Thursday afternoon to allow Fort Bragg officials to make repairs and upgrades to its access control point.

To assist Fort Bragg, the N.C. Department of Transportation will conduct the closure from 2 p.m. Thursday until 5 the next morning. During this time, traffic on the outer loop (future I-295) will not be able to exit northbound onto the All American Freeway.

Additionally, drivers headed north on the All American Freeway will have to exit onto I-295, rather than keep going straight toward Fort Bragg.

People who normally use the Fort Bragg access control point, or gate, on the All American Freeway will instead need to take I-295 to the nearby Bragg Boulevard exit and proceed to the Knox Street gate.

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