The new Southern Pines Splash Pad opened Saturday morning to the delight of attendees, young and old.

As everyone gathered around for the ribbon cutting, everyone got an early peek at the jets of water shooting out of the ground due to a slight bit of miscommunication.

The jets were turned on prematurely when the countdown ended for the ribbon to be cut. As the cut ribbon fell to the ground, attendees were showered in the jets of the Splash Pad as it came to life.

Thankfully, everyone took it like a champ, and laughter of the miscue could be heard for hours later. 


Many years of planning and upgrades have gone into the park, and it has become a beautiful oasis. In addition to the new Splash Pad, the pool has undergone extensive renovations thanks to a partnership with the Sandsharks.

In fact,  the pool saw a lot of visitors after the ribbon cutting.  The playground area has been completely redone and abuts an sheltered picnic area.


The event had Kona Ice serving treats to everyone as Sandhills Knockerball was on scene as children and adults alike delighted in the inflatables.

It was a beautiful day for the festivities and squeals of laughter could be heard for hours as children and adults played and enjoyed picnics. 

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