SCC to remove beloved sculpture

In the summer of 2021, world-renowned artist Patrick Dougherty installed “What Goes Around Comes Around” at Sandhills Community College’s Horticultural Gardens. This remarkable natural stick sculpture has been a cherished part of the gardens and has captivated visitors.

Since its creation, “What Goes Around Comes Around” has served as a landmark for visitors. Every day, it attracts an array of individuals, from young children to those pausing to admire its beauty or take a photo.

In recent months, Sandhills has observed signs of deterioration due to numerous factors, including natural degradation and wear and tear. On Thursday, March 28, they discovered significant tilting of the sculpture. Prioritizing visitors’ safety, they’ve decided to remove it.

“This may come as a disappointment to many who have enjoyed the sculpture over the years,” says Germaine Elkins, vice president of Engagement, who oversees the gardens. “‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ was a wonderful addition to the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens. Because of the nature of the sculpture, we always knew that it would eventually reach the end of its time and need to be taken down, but we were more than a little heartbroken to see it go so suddenly.”

However, their primary concern remains the safety of visitors.

“All of us associated with the college and the gardens offer our heartfelt thanks to Patrick Dougherty, the many volunteers who assisted him, and the many generous people in the community who helped to make this beautiful piece of artwork possible for everyone to enjoy,” says Elkins. “As we bid farewell to ‘What Goes Around Comes Around,’ we welcome a new sculpture in its place.”

This summer, Mike Roig, renowned for his work in metal and motion art, will be installing a new sculpture. This piece will be dedicated to Jim Westman, director of Sandhills Horticultural Gardens, who recently retired after 36 years of dedicated service to the college. Roig is already known on campus for his work, “Bob Dylan’s Oracle,” located behind Boyd Library.

Contributed/Courtesy photo.

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