K-9 Olaf retires from Southern Pines Police Department and will be missed by many.

K-9 Olaf begin his tour of duty on February 24, 2012 and ended his tour of duty on August 25, 2017 due to medical reasons, according to Southern Pines Police Department.

Olaf was recruited from K2 Solutions in Jackson Springs.  According to the police department, the dog had a strong work ethic and had a very successful career with the department.

During his career he sniffed 358 vehicles, assisted with 11 search warrants, and assisted other agencies in Moore County 60 times. K-9 Olaf located a total of 200 grams of Cocaine/Crack, 2634 grams of Marijuana, and a total of 156 grams of other narcotics such as Heroin, Meth, Prescription Medication, etc. K-9 Olaf located a total of 201 items of drug paraphernalia ranging from electronic scales, pipes used to smoke narcotics, and other types of paraphernalia. K-9 Olaf assisted with seizing $6,840 in US Currency from drug cases on vehicle stops and assisting with search warrants. K-9 Olaf completed 70 tracks for missing people and criminals. Due to K-9 Olaf’s assistance, missing people returned home. K-9 Olaf completed 103 articles searches for stolen property or items criminals discarded.

The value of stolen property Olaf searched and seized was $7,605. During vehicle sniffs, search warrants, tracks, and article searches K-9 Olaf located 21 weapons. K-9 Olaf completed 56 demos throughout the Town of Southern Pines and Moore County, he completed demos for Elementary Schools, Day Cares, Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, Wounded Warriors Project/Dog Tags, Cameron’s Boy/Girls Camp, and many other organizations. During K-9 Olaf’s career he made 60 Felony arrests and 250 Misdemeanor arrests. 

K-9 Olaf was adopted by his handler, Officer Lynn, and now he will now enjoy the luxury and spoils of retirement.  If you see Olaf laying in the sun enjoying retirement, please thank him for his duty and service to Moore County.

Photos contributed by Southern Pines Police Department

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