"Let me entertain you!" Charo to perform at BPAC

Charo, iconic entertainer and guitar virtuoso, is bringing her amazing show to audiences in Moore County.

In recent times, Charo has been wowing fans across the country with her shows, featuring her infectious humor, virtuoso guitar skills, and her band, in a myriad of multifaceted performances. Now she’s bringing this ensemble to entertain the Sandhills at Bradshaw Performing Arts Center.

This is Charo’s first time visiting North Carolina, and she’s already anticipating her trip.

“I have friends from North Carolina, and I’m so excited because they’re very friendly,” she explained. “They remember your name, they talk to you, and I can’t wait to perform for all of the friendly, beautiful people of North Carolina.”

In addition to her performance on Friday, Oct. 21, she will be teaching a guitar master class earlier the same day from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Sandhills Community College.

Her background in music has seen her voted as “Best Flamenco Guitarist” twice by Guitar Magazine, as well as having albums available on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Pandora, and other digital music platforms.

In all that she does, Charo maintains her motto is, “Let me entertain you!” Her secret to life is her passion for entertainment, and she spends her days dancing, singing, playing the guitar, and interacting with everyone around her.

“When I first got to America, I worked for money; now, I work for the passion,” Charo recounted. “My passion is to entertain you, to entertain everybody, to make the audience forget their problems. You’re never going to hear me say negative things on the stage. I love comedy, and I love laughter. I love it; I believe in it.”

In fact, one of Charo’s favorite aspects of performing is—and always has been—interacting with the audience. She’s known for mingling with the audience, interacting with her fans, and going out of her way to engage the crowd and make them feel included in the experience.

“We all get to know each other, and I see that everyone is smiling and relaxed,” she described. “That makes me super happy because I’m there for them—I’m there for the audience. It’s like I’m playing the guitar for my friends, like we all get to know each other. That’s a beautiful moment in my life that is so, so worth it.”

Charo is no stranger to the spotlight. She has starred in an astounding variety of shows spanning over decades, and in recent times, she has entertained audiences on modern hits such as Dancing with the Stars, Jane the Virgin, Sharknado 5, and Celebrity Wife Swap.

Her plans for the future do not include slowing down, as she already has future projects lined up, including an appearance in an upcoming episode of MTV’s Cribs.

According to Charo, her secrets to a long, happy, and healthy life are to never stop moving and to surround herself with what she loves. Often, these two things overlap.

She has a passion for dancing and fitness and seldom goes for extended periods of time without moving, dancing, and singing to her heart’s content. However, she also noted her love of chocolate, and encourages others to indulge in what they’re truly passionate about.

During the lockdowns that accompanied the pandemic, Charo made note of the restrictions to traveling, socializing, and entertainment and how these restrictions had an impact on the happiness and well-being of not just herself, but people all across the world.

“My new show is a celebration that we made it through,” she explained. “We made it, and we should celebrate. I pray, and I wish the best to everybody.”

Moving forward with her new shows, Charo hopes to restore some happiness to all those she entertains. For her upcoming shows in Pinehurst and Wilmington, she will be sporting an iconic dress that she first wore 38 years ago, hoping to inspire the audience to both embrace their passions and to never stop moving forward.

“I never want to stop, never ever,” said Charo. “I love people. I love to be with them, to be their friends. God willing, this audience will want to spend time with me as much as I want to spend time with them. I’m so excited to meet my new friends in North Carolina.”

Charo will be in Pinehurst on Friday, Oct. 21. She will be teaching her guitar master class from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Sandhills Community College, and her performance will be at 7 p.m. at the Bradshaw Performing Arts Center (BPAC) Owens Auditorium, 3395 Airport Road.

To purchase tickets, please click link: https://www.sandhillsbpac.com/events

Feature photo: Charo is set to perform at BPAC on Oct. 21. Photo provided.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Abegail Murphy.

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