McHarney joins 1000 point club

Senior Caelan McHarney has been a part of many special moments in a Falcon uniform during her six years as the starting point guard on the O’Neal varsity basketball team, but not many sweeter than Tuesday night — Senior Night and her 1,000th point scored.

“For someone who has given so much to the Girls’ Basketball program,” shared Head Coach Lulu Brase, “Tuesday night was a special evening to celebrate both Caelan’s career as a Falcon and watch her cross another major milestone joining the 1,000 point club.”

Caelan’s journey with the varsity basketball team started back in seventh grade. Jumping into the role as the starting point guard as just a seventh-grader came with its ups and downs, but it has provided McHarney with invaluable experience along the way.

“Point guards are an extension of the coach on the court,” explains Coach Brase. “As a seventh grader, Caelan had to work to find her voice amongst experienced upperclassmen. Her resilience and determination allowed her to face anything the defense threw at her. She pulled up her knee pads and always went to work. It is fun to see her development from a shy, unsure 7th grader to the polished senior leader she is today. She truly has become the coach on the court for our team in every way.”

McHarney will finish her career at O’Neal as one of the most decorated players in program history. During her time in a Falcon basketball uniform, she has been a four-time Tri-TAC All Conference team member, two-time NCISAA All State team member, been named to the 2022 NCISAA Senior All State Game and won over 100 games in a Falcon basketball uniform. Tuesday night, she added the cherry on top — joining the 1000th point club.

“Caelan is every coaches dream player,” shares Coach Brase. “She brings a tremendous passion and a relentless work ethic to all she does. It has been an absolute joy going on this journey with her, and hopefully we can add a few more highlight moments to the story during this final month!”

Caelan’s athletic prowess is not just limited to the basketball court. She has also been a standout three-sport athlete lettering and earning All-Conference honors in volleyball and All-Conference and All-State honors in track and field.

Feature photo: Caelan McHarney. Courtesy photo.

Written by Sandhills Sentinel contributor Lulu Brase.

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