Michelle Lexo, candidate for State Senate District 25, announced earlier today that said she will introduce legislation to institute term limits in North Carolina. Lexo’s legislation would limit the service of NC House and NC Senate members to four terms or eight years.

“I believe eight years is sufficient time for any legislator to make his or her mark,” Lexo said. “We do not want to create a swamp in Raleigh like we have in Washington, D.C. It’s already getting a little swampy. Without term limits it is very easy for legislators to become part of the problem instead of the solution. George Washington set the example of citizen representation by limiting his service to eight years. Some legislators may think otherwise, but no one is indispensable to our democratic process.”

The Mayor of Whispering Pines announced she is running for State Senate this past February.

Lexo said when she announced her candidacy,  “I believe in public service and have worked hard to represent the residents of Whispering Pines on the Council and as their Mayor.”

Mayor Lexo has been on the Whispering Pines Council for five years and has been Mayor for three years. She sits on the County Transportation Committee, the County Schools Key Communicators committee, served as the Vice Chairman of the County Social Services Board and more recently, the Quality Committee for First Health of the Sandhills.

Contributed feature photo: Michelle Lexo speaking at the Moore County Republican Women’s Club Luncheon.



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