half Pinehurst Healthcare and Rehab residents positive COVID-19

Dozens of residents at Pinehurst Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center have tested positive for COVID-19, according to Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services, owners of the facility.

“We have received results for many of the resident tests and a number of results are still pending,” said Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services Thursday morning. “We wish to inform you that at this time 45 of our residents have been diagnosed as having COVID-19. The results of the tests that we have received have been shared with the affected residents and their families. We hope to receive the rest of the results of the resident tests this week and will continue to update you with the information we receive.”

The facility’s 96 residents were tested Monday.  All staff members were tested by Wednesday. Eight out of 115 employees have tested positive.

Residents who have been diagnosed with the virus are currently not displaying “severe symptoms and signs of respiratory distress.”

“Resident and staff safety is our top priority,” said Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services.

Residents of the facility who have tested positive are isolated from others. The center said it is working with local and state health officials to stop the spread of the virus at its facility and is monitoring and caring for its residents. 

The facility is located on Blake Boulevard. Liberty Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services is based in Wilmington.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Editor Lori McFarland.

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