Officer Engle receives Distinguished Service Award

The Southern Pines Police Department Awards Committee met to consider peer and leadership team nominations for employees who performed in an exemplary manner.

The Southern Pines Police Department recognized the outstanding performance of Officer Steven Engle who was nominated for and received the Distinguished Service Award.

Officer Engle recognized the opportunity to promote the values and mission of the agency in regard to recruitment and retention efforts, said Deputy Chief Charles Campbell in a news release. Over the course of several months, Officer Engle worked directly with a video production company, MOCO Media, to produce a recruitment and retention video for the agency.

Utilizing his experience and knowledge in video production gained while serving in the Army National Guard, Officer Engle led this video project for the agency. Officer Engle remained engaged throughout the process scheduling staff and arranging logistics and locations to make this project work.

Officer Engle did all of this work while performing his regularly assigned job duties as well as on his scheduled time off. Officer Engle’s work clearly resulted in a significant contribution toward the betterment of the department. His efforts will enhance the department’s public image and improve its recruitment and retention goals.

Feature photo: Southern Pines Police Officer Steven Engle, winner of the Distinguished Service Award. Photo provided.


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