Sandhills SAR presents public service awards for fire prevention, law enforcement

On May 19, the Sandhills Chapter of Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) attended a Southern Pines public service awards ceremony at the Southern Pines firehouse #2.

Kenneth Skipper, Southern Pines assistant fire marshal, received the SAR Fire Safety Medal and Award Certificate in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments and contributions to protect human life and property by preventing injuries and casualties due to fires in Southern Pines.

Jason Perry, Southern Pines police sergeant, received the SAR Law Enforcement Commendation Medal and Award Certificate in recognition for his outstanding achievements and dedication to the maintenance of law and order in Southern Pines.

The recipients of these SAR’s public service medals and certificates are only eligible to receive these awards once in a lifetime.

“The Sons of the American Revolution recognizes that our communities are Served and Protected by these dedicated Public Servants 24 hours a day and 7 days a week,” said a spokesman for SAR. “This dedication to Public Service, Safety, and professionalism should not go unnoticed by the citizens of our communities. While we sleep tonight, community public servants are working to ensure that we are; safe, awaiting our calls for help, and striving to make our communities a better place to live. We owe them our sincere thanks.”

Feature photo: Left to right: Southern Pines Town Manager — Reagan Parsons, Fire Chief — Michael Cameron, Asst. Fire Marshall- Kenneth Skipper, Sandhills SAR Chapter President- Bruce Fensley, Police Sgt. Jason Perry, Chief of Police — Nicholas Polidori, Rod Herbig — Sandhills SAR Compatriot). Not Pictured are Sandhills SAR Compatriots, Mark Townsend — Public Service Committee Chairman and Michael Saulnier — Awards Ceremony MC.

Courtesy photo/Contributed.


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