SCC announces senior leadership roles, 'One College' model

For the past several months, Sandhills Community College (SCC) has begun implementing a One College model, which is being adopted by community colleges across the state.

The One College concept is simple. The college is structured to put the students’ needs first. Students should be able to walk in one door, and whether they are interested in a college transfer program, a two-year nursing degree, or want to be an HVAC technician — a degree, diploma, certificate or industry credential — they should be able to receive their advising and assistance from one point of contact — not be handed around from department to department as best suits the old structure. The student should also be set on a clear pathway to employment. But to do this effectively, the college’s organizational structure must change.

For over a year, these organizational changes have been developed by the president and the college’s senior-level leadership team, informed by recent public listening sessions, and guided by a special One College Committee comprised of academic department chairs, program leaders, and many others across the college who have all been part of the conversation.

SCC announced the first phase of the One College model rollout with the college’s new senior-level leadership team, which is as follows:

Dr. Julie Voigt — Chief of Staff

Dr. Rebecca Roush — Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Michelle Bauer — Vice Provost for Instructional Programs

Dr. DJ Farmer — Executive Vice President

Dr. Fallon Brewington — Vice President (VP) for Workforce Development and Corporate Partnerships

Germaine Elkins — VP for Engagement

Vacant with an open search underway — VP for Student Services

Ron Layne — Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

“These are exciting changes for Sandhills Community College,” says President Sandy Stewart. “They will position our college well in the future to serve all students, have not just a relevant but central role in our community, gain synergy across disciplines, and align us with trends in community colleges and anticipated funding model changes. Moreover, the One College model will provide better support for faculty, staff, and programs.”

Dr. Julie Voigt will now serve as Chief of Staff, an extension of the President’s Office. Voigt will lead the college’s strategic initiatives and oversee the Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

Dr. Rebecca Roush, Provost and Chief Academic Officer, and Michelle Bauer, Vice Provost for Instructional Programs, will lead the new academic structure, including curriculum and workforce continuing education programs. Combining all programs into a single structure, including associate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and industry credentials, will ensure that students receive the most advantageous educational opportunities possible as they begin their journey to higher education.

Dr. DJ Farmer, Executive Vice President, will oversee the major areas of the college administration, which include finance, human resources, information technology, facilities, and security. Ron Layne will remain in his role as Vice President and Chief Operations Officer and support Farmer in his new role.

Dr. Fallon Brewington, VP for Workforce Development and Corporate Partnerships, will lead a new division for the college. This new division’s mission will be to align students’ skills and interests with industry demands, bridging the gap between academic achievements and real-world career opportunities. By fostering robust partnerships with industry leaders, the college will provide more extensive experiential learning opportunities, including work-based learning (WBL), internships, pre-apprenticeships, and apprenticeships, to enhance student employability and professional growth. With the anticipated growth in Moore and Hoke Counties, these partnerships are more crucial than ever for student success and regional economic development.

Announced in February, Germaine Elkins assumed the role of VP of Engagement, previously serving as VP of Institutional Advancement. Elkins continues to lead efforts to enhance and expand Sandhills’ community engagement with all of Moore and Hoke counties.

“Sandhills Community College has a clear vision for the next 60 years built upon the college’s tagline of Learn, Engage, Belong as the pillars of the new One College structure,” said the college. “While more changes will happen in coming years with the full implementation of the One College model, one thing remains certain: SCC is committed to doing its best to serve the needs of the community and always putting students first.”

File photo of SCC banner captured by Sandhills Sentinel photographer Melissa Schaub. 


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