Southern Pines Police Department announced on social media today that they are “prepared for additional guest visiting our detention facility on the 4/20 holiday, and advanced preparation has taken place to accommodate the needs of these prisoners.”

The police department has prepared Holding Cell 2 by placing handcuffs, juice, soda, potato chips and cookies for anyone who may get arrested tomorrow on drug charges.

Photos courtesy of Southern Pines Police Department

Friday is April 20, or 4/20. That’s the numerical code for marijuana’s high holiday, a homage to pot’s enduring appeal and universal slang for smoking.

How the marijuana-loving world came to mark the occasion is believed traceable to five Northern California men now in their 60s with bad backs and graying hair. They are the unofficial grandmasters by virtue of the code they created nearly 50 years ago as students at a suburban San Francisco high school in 1971.

The Southern Pines Police Department is reminding Moore County that there are handcuffs next to the food in the holding cell, and marijuana is no joke and is a crime.

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