A new chapter for the library and archives

The Village of Pinehurst and the Given Tufts organization announced on the village’s website Monday that they now have an understanding about the future of the Given Memorial Library and Tufts Archives.

The two parties have signed a non-binding agreement in principle outlining the future they see for the library and archives. Many of the details and some important issues must still be addressed. 

Preparations for a definitive agreement have already begun. If the Village Council and library board approve the final arrangements, the village plans to assume responsibility for the operations of the library and archives later this year.

“The Village Council and staff have completed an extensive analysis of the needs and preferences of Pinehurst residents for library services,” said Mayor John Strickland. “There was considerable support among Pinehurst residents for Village government to assume responsibility for and improving the Given library, although at different levels of investment. Interest was also registered with respect to opportunities for the Tufts Archives. More study is required, particularly with respect to the Archives, but we feel that the long term interests of Pinehurst residents and stakeholders will be well served by the Village taking responsibility for both.”

The village intends to earmark $1 million for near-term improvements to both the library and archives. Designs for an expansion of the library and archives are expected to be completed in 2022. Capital funding will commence in 2023. If all goes according to plan, construction will commence after the June 2024 U.S. Open. 

“The understanding we have reached today has the support of the whole Village Council,” said Mayor Pro Tem Judy Davis. “I would especially like to thank Audrey Moriarty and her team at the library and archives, including several board members, for their encouragement and assistance throughout this process.”

The Given Tufts organization is expected to donate its collections, furnishings and iconic building on the Village Green to the village for the perpetual benefit of all Pinehurst residents. This will be one of the largest single gifts ever made to the Village of Pinehurst.

“Residents of Pinehurst have received free public library and archives services for over 50 years, thanks in no small part to the vision and generosity of the Givens and Tufts families, and countless other private donors,” said Village Manager Jeff Sanborn. “Considering the growth of our Village, now is the right time to incorporate the library and archives into our suite of Village services, supported by continued assistance from the Given/Tufts Organization.”

The Given Tufts organization will lead future capital campaigns to contribute incremental funding for library and archive improvements. Plans for the Given Bookshop in Pinehurst’s old post office building have not yet been finalized.

Stuart Mills current chair of the Given Tufts board said, “The Village has supported the library financially for years. The staff and council have worked collaboratively with us to develop this new arrangement. I believe the expanded library will contribute immeasurably to the quality of our unique village life here, and especially to the literacy needs and literary interests of young and old residents of Pinehurst, as well as addressing future growth.”

The Given Tufts organization will continue to hold and manage its $2.5 million endowment for the perpetual benefit of the village’s library and archives.

Audrey Moriarty, Executive Director of the Given Tufts organization, is expected to lead the village’s new library department.

According to Moriarty, “Our library is dear to the hearts of so many Pinehurst residents, and the archives are unique – many of the archival materials are priceless. When this arrangement goes through, I am confident that both the library and archives will have a bright future. This has been a dream of mine for years, and I can’t wait to see it realized.”

Feature photo by Sandhills Sentinel Photographer John Patota.



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