Council to deny Carey's proposal

Mike Carey won’t get an amendment, but the use of food trucks will go on.

The Southern Pines Town Council agreed to deny Carey’s request to alter the Southern Pines Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) at its Monday, November 23 work session, held virtually. With the amendment, food trucks would have been allowed in the Central Business (CB) zoning district outside the Historic District Overlay (HDO).

A brief presentation on the application was given by the town’s planning staff at the council’s November 10 regular meeting. Carey, representing Hatchet Brewing Company, along with his business partner, Greg Walker, also spoke during that meeting. Others discussed various opinions and concerns on the matter during a public comment portion.

On November 10, the Southern Pines Town Council reviewed possible ways of handling the proposed change, including denying the amendment or approving it with limitations on where food trucks could operate.

Planning staff prepared a list of four possible solutions, which was forwarded to the town council November 12. Under the first option, the trucks would’ve been allowed to park anywhere in the CB district. With the second option, food trucks would have been restricted as far as days of the week and hours of operation.

The third alternative limited the trucks to areas designated for bars and drinking places.

With the fourth option – the one ultimately chosen by the council – the amendment would be denied, but food trucks would be able to do business at special events within the CB district, meaning the current situation remains unchanged.

Carey, despite the denial, seemed content with being able to do business as usual.  

Earlier in Monday’s meeting, the town council agreed that plans for the development of a subdivision, Ravensbrook, can move forward as per staff recommendations. The 97-home subdivision would be located near Moore County Airport, on Waynor Road.

Ravensbrook LLC, the entity behind the development, is, according to available information, based in Pinehurst. 

A virtual tree-lighting ceremony will take place for Southern Pines Saturday, November 28.

~Written by Sandhills Sentinel Reporter Dave Lukow.

Photo via Hatchet Brewing Company’s Facebook page.

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